Master Your Projects with Ease

Transform the way you manage, track, and deliver projects – all from one powerful platform.


Tailor every project detail, from naming to billing, perfectly suited to your business needs.


Manage financials with precision—set billing types and rates directly tied to task or project hours.


Assign team members and define roles with ease, ensuring efficient project progress and security.


Enhance transparency and trust by allowing customers to view and interact with project stages.

always ready to adapt as your business needs

Dive into the heart of project management with ServiCRM, your ultimate platform for turning ambitious project visions into tangible victories. With our sophisticated project management feature, every aspect of your project is meticulously catered to, ensuring not just completion, but excellence.

  • Effortlessly adapt to growing business needs with flexible project setups and customizable workflows.

  • Utilize a suite of integrated tools that cater to every project phase, ensuring seamless execution and tracking.

  • Leverage continuous updates and enhancements, ensuring your project management tools evolve with your business.

Project Customization at Its Finest

Begin with a clear identifier by naming your project, making it visible to customers and internal teams alike. Choose your customer and set the project’s billing type from three tailored options – Fixed Cost, Project Hours, or Task Hours, adapting the billing structure to your specific project demands.

Team Collaboration Redefined

Assign project members effortlessly, with access limited to those granted permission, enhancing security and focus. Define your project timeline with start and end dates, and utilize the rich project description field to outline objectives, scope, and key milestones.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Elevate your client’s involvement with customizable project settings. Enable customer views and interactions with tasks, comments, attachments, and more, fostering an inclusive and transparent project environment. From task checklists to finance overviews, give your clients the access they need to feel engaged and informed.

In-depth Financial Control

ServiCRM takes the complexity out of financial management, allowing you to select billing types based on total billable hours or task-specific hours, complete with customizable hourly rates. Note, billing types are locked once billed tasks are added, ensuring clarity and consistency throughout your project’s lifecycle.

Streamlined Project Settings

Each project comes with the flexibility to tailor settings based on customer preferences, including the ability to upload files, open discussions, view milestones, and more. Initial settings are intelligently suggested based on your last project, simplifying setup while allowing for customization as needed.

Currency Compatibility

Navigate global projects with ease, as ServiCRM supports project currency in both your base and the customer’s chosen currency, ensuring financial clarity and convenience for all parties involved.

Permission-Based Visibility

Maintain control over project visibility within your team. ServiCRM’s permission settings ensure that staff members see only the projects relevant to them unless granted broader VIEW permissions.